About McKenna Family Homes

Dan McKennaMy name is Dan McKenna and I am a homebuyer and the owner of McKenna Family Homes. I’m also a home owner and proud father of two. I buy houses in Norfolk County and surrounding areas. I buy houses for cash in any condition and in any price range.

My house story

My wife and I searched extensively with our realtor to find the “perfect” house. What we found was a house left unattended and in need of repair, updates, and a solid cleaning inside and out. This house was on the market for months and the sale price dropped significantly. Other buyers shied away from the outdated handy-man special filled with avocado appliances and cracked linoleum. We saw past the condition and knew it was a solid house that with time, imagination, and a lot of sweat equity, could be turned into a welcoming home. Our four year old thinks our house is beautiful and he’s right!

McKenna Family Homes pays CASH for houses

Real estate agents want to list your house, drag hundreds of strangers and neighbors through it and hope that it will sell in a matter of months to a qualified buyer. In the end agents can cost you thousands of dollars in commissions. This is not the only way to sell your house and make a profit or get out of debt. You can forget about spending lots of money and time cleaning and repairing your house so that you can put it on the market. I buy the house and take care of all the cleaning and repairs. You can sell it exactly “As-Is”. I will handle all the paperwork and buy your house at no charge to you without charging any commission fees. McKenna Family Homes will buy your home and close when it’s convenient for you. I pay cash so that I can buy houses that others simply cannot because most lenders will not lend on a house that needs serious repairs. Conventional buyers have problems with being able to get insurance coverage for these kinds of properties, especially if they will be vacant for any length of time. Eliminate the uncertainty of whether or not that buyer will actually be able to get a loan to purchase your house. Allow me to make you a cash offer and know that it will get closed on time and without hassle. I want your unwanted house. On the other hand, if you have a house in good condition, or in need of slight repair and a light cleaning, I’d love to see it and make you a cash offer. McKenna Family Homes sees the potential and value in every house. From foundation problems, plumbing issues, to peeling paint: I’ve seen it all!